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VAT BOX is a leading Tax Agency (TAN 30001614) & Tax Agents (TAAN 20049185 &20008256) by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) with 4 branches: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman in the UAE. Our team is here and ready to accelerate your UAE VAT/TRN Registration within a time frame in a professional manner.

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VAT Return Filing

VAT BOX providing VAT Return Filing Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and all over UAE.

VAT Return filing is the official tax document to be submitted to the Federal Tax Authority before the due date. VAT Return filing has to be done by the Taxable Person at regular intervals depends upon his tax period. The VAT Return should show the details of any output tax due and input tax recoverable together with other information as required by the format in the FTA portal. It can be filed either by a taxable person or any other person who has been authorized to do so on behalf of the Taxable Person - A Tax Agent or a Legal Representative.
Federal Tax Authority has published the VAT Return Format in their web site “VAT201- VAT Return”. In order to access it, a registered person have to login to the FTA e-services portal using their registered username and password. The standard Tax period applicable to a Taxable Person is a period of three calendar months. However, FTA has assigned different Tax Periods on;y for the first quarter.  While doing the VAT Return filing process, details of the Taxable Person will be pre-populated and current VAT Return Period, Tax year end, VAT/Tax Period reference number and VAT Return submission due date will also be generated automatically.
After filling the details in the VAT Return Form, the net amount payable will be automatically calculated. In case where the payable value is negative, you can will have two options – To get a refund or to carry forward the amount to the next Tax period. The due VAT should be paid through e-Dirham payment gateway which supports payments through an e-Dirham card or a VISA/Master Card.
Tax professionals at VATBOX provides the best VAT Return Filing Services in the UAE even at you place in a periodical basis to compile for your VAT Return Filing. We offer Complete assistance for guidance and follow-up of VAT Return in accordance with the provisions of UAE VAT law.

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