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Tax Residency Certificate

The Tax Residency Certificate (TRC), also known as the Tax Domicile Certificate, is an official document issued by the UAE Tax Authorities. It was being issued by the Ministry of Finance (‘MoF') till November 11, 2020. According to Cabinet Resolution No. (65) of 2020, Tax Residency Certificate / Tax Domicile Certificate shall be issued by the Federal Tax Authorities (‘FTA') on an application filed by a resident (individual or incorporated business) of the UAE from 14 November 2020 onwards. Fundamental Benefits of Obtaining a Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate in the UAE:

  • To avail the benefit of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements. (DTAA)
  • Ultimate proof to demonstrate that one is a tax resident of the UAE.
  • A means of registration with the tax authorities, which would mean updated information exchange from both ends.

Eligibility for a Tax Residency Certificate in UAE?

From 14 November 2020, the FTA started to issue the Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate to qualified government agencies, other legal bodies, and people in the UAE. Accordingly, UAE Resident Individuals / Mainland & Free Zone entities can apply for the Tax Residency Certificate or Domicile Certificate.And Offshore business may not be eligible to apply for TRC, because of absence of their physical presence in UAE.

Benefits of UAE Tax Residency Certificate

Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate, issued by a Statutory Authority (in UAE – FTA), is the undisputed document to prove that an entity is a resident of a Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate issuing country. Tax Authorities across the globe accept Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate as a reliable document to substantiate the residency of an entity.This enables the organization to account for the application of DTAA requirements. Entities can use the provisions of the DTAA to plan & examine their taxes planning and reorganize their businesses/transactions. Businesses can create tax-efficient structures keeping inconsideration of the favorable provisions of Withholding Tax and Permanent Establishment Acts.

For Individual: Documents Required for Tax Residency Certificate

  • A copy of Passport and Emirates ID
  • Valid residence permit - issued at least 183 days earlier
  • A certified copy of the (residential) lease agreement / Tenancy contract
  • Bank statement for six months of the required year
  • Salary certificate / Income certificate
  • Immigration Report: A report from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA), showing evidence of all entries into and exits from the UAE
  • Tax forms (if any) from the country where the certificate needs to be submitted

For Legal Person: Documents Required

  • A copy of valid trade license
  • Name of Authorized Signatory for the application, his passport copy, Emirates ID, and Permits of residence (Residence Visa Copy)
  • A copy of Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Bank statement for six months of the required year
  • A certified copy of the tenancy agreement (Ejari)
  • If the certificate required in Special Template, the format of the Template

The Legal person should be conducting business activity for at least one-year can apply for the Tax Residency Certificate or Tax Domicile Certificate.

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