The abbreviation TRN stands for Tax Registration Number. The FTA - Federal Tax Authority – assigns TRN numbers to businesses that register for VAT. When a company's annual VAT taxable products and services reach AED 375,000/-, it is needed to register for obligatory VAT.
The TRN Number is a 15-digit (Numeric) number that is issued to businesses when they register for VAT in the United Arab Emirates. By law, this number must be included on all tax invoices, credit notes, VAT returns, and other tax-related papers produced by a specific company. Businesses and even the general public can use the TRN to verify the authenticity of a company functioning as a tax-registered company in the region.
The importance of VAT verification, also known as TRN verification, has grown substantially. Why? Instead, I'd respond, "Why not?" Let's take a look at some of the features of potential frauds that are specifically related to the value-added tax (VAT).In such a scenario, we might be able to agree on the importance of having a TRN verification.


According to UAE VAT laws, compliance with the law regarding the declaration of the Tax Registration Number on issued invoices and associated documentation to customers/consumers by registered firms in the UAE has been stressed. These VAT-related papers might include the following:

  • A tax invoice
  • A tax Credit Note
  • VAT return

Any other relevant document that may require to specify TRN as per the UAE VAT laws
The TRN is a 15-digit number that sets the registered firm apart from others. Furthermore, only issued invoices can be used to charge VAT to consumers if the taxpayer or tax registered firm has a valid TRN.
A Tax Registration Number also facilitates communication between suppliers and purchasers while creating transaction-related papers such as contracts, invoices etc.


When the VAT was first implemented in the UAE, only registered firms were able to use the FTA's webpage to verify their TRN. While the general public now has unrestricted access to the same platform to do a TRN check, allowing anyone to confirm if a business is legally registered for VAT. These simple steps will help you do a TRN check:

  • Visit the FTA’s website for TRN verification
  • State the TRN of the supplier in the space provided
  • Validate the code
  • State the TRN of the supplier in the space provided
  • Lastly, the web page will display the legal name of all the organization entity registered with the same TRN as a part of the tax Group, provided that the TRN is a valid one. The entity’s name is displayed in English and Arabic.

Through the above-stated steps of TRN check, one can compare, check and analyze the information on the tax invoice or credit note received by a particular retailer or business. The portal generates the exact business name found on the documents and identifies any discrepancies if the TRN is fake.