How Can UAE Nationals Claim VAT Refund When Building New Residences?

Providing the best VAT refund services, we would like to inform you that FTA has given explicit rules to work with the UAE nationals to get a refund of VAT incurred by them on building a new home. The authority handles such refunds after a course of intensive checks of subtleties put together by the candidate. It is to be noticed that the refund choice is accessible just for VAT connecting with costs caused by building private structures and not for any business properties.

Is there a deadline to claim a refund?

The guideline indicates a timeline to apply for VAT refund by UAE nationals for building new residences, which is within a year from the date of the completion certificate of development of the new home. The date of finishing development is considered to be either the date the home is involved or the completion date according to the consummation authentication given by a skilled expert in UAE, whichever is prior. It is critical to stick to the timetables for guaranteeing the effective handling and endorsement of the refund demand.

Steps involved in claiming a refund

The request for a UAE VAT refund on building a new home is to be made through the e-administrations gateway of FTA. The necessary archives, including the subtleties of the property and the candidate, are to be connected alongside the refund demand, which FTA will audit. Definite confirmation of the qualification of the case will be performed in light of the subtleties submitted. Assuming observed qualifications, the authority can request extra archives to be submitted, then, in the portal. FTA will send a warning to the candidate to illuminate the status regarding the refund demand, whether dismissed, acknowledged, supported or revised.

Documents required to be submitted

  • Emirates ID and family book
  • Copy of statement from the financing body or organization, if any such body or institution subsidized the development.
  • Copy of the development plan
  • Copy of the finish endorsement and building grant of the property
  • Proof to distinguish the candidate as the proprietor of the plot of land wherein the structure was built.
  • Document to prove the date the structure is involved as pertinent
  • Report stepped by the bank to distinguish the financial balance details.


Summing Up

Claiming a VAT refund can only be successful if done the right way. Hence, one must opt for VAT refund services UAE to get it done by the experts. If you are a UAE national and building a new home in UAE, do contact VAT BOX UAE for VAT refund services Dubai.