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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Financial Accounting & Book Keeping has become streamlined globally with the implementation of IFRS but that makes it more technical and complicated. UAE is a global hub for the business growing everyday with the new business opportunities. To compete in the market and stand in the industry, a company's financial statements and reports must be made by meeting international standards. Proper maintenance of books of accounts for at least 5 years is mandatory for the companies as per the companies as per the UAE Company Law 2015.

A book keeper records and clarifies the financial transactions of the company, the Accountant takes the next steps and analyzes, reviews, reports, summarizes and interprets, financial information of the company. Both are essential and lifeblood of any business. Book keeping & Accounting activities of a company is quite tricky and difficult to manage. Here comes the service of Accounting Firms come into place.

Proper Book keeping & Accounting facilitates the business numerous ways. We, VATBOX,  Professional Accounting Firm can address cash flow requirements, preventing insolvency and bankruptcy, plan & forecast budgets that help in effective financial management and stability of the business. So, Don't wait until you get struggled to find the right place. Start hiring us today.