External Audit

VATBOX offers auditing and assurance services to meet your business needs. We are professional accountants and auditors that provide accounting and audit services in compliance with regulatory requirements. Audit and assurance services are important services that you cannot avoid as a business owner or entrepreneur to track your business.We guarantee our satisfied clients for our quality service. It ensures that your organization meets the land's rules, regulations and accounting standards. UAE, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, welcomes multinationals around the world to set up this business center. Over time, more and more companies need an audit report. The UAE government insisted that all organizations should prepare it.
  • Review and Analysis of Internal Control Procedures
  • Efficiency Of Operational Procedures
  • Accuracy And Reliability Of Financial Records
  • Ensuring Safety & Optimal Utilization of Assets
  • Finding out Problems and their Root Causes
  • Assessing Potential Risk And losses
  • Recommending Corrective Action

External Audit Services

An external audit is a routine inspection of documents and / or procedures performed by certified auditors who are not
part of the company to be audited. It helps the company and the government to check the accounting documents. An external audit may be conducted for or from outsiders. Prepares an external audit to verify the accuracy of the statements and the financial position of an organization.

Moreover, The Auditing we provide to our customers flexible and cost-effective.These emerging services with the cost-effective measures are not easy to found. Our clients realize this thing and that’s why they come towards us to attain auditing and accounting services. Our services are comprised of various benefits along with the magnificent features that include dedicated accountants.If you are looking to set up a business in the UAE, VATBOX is one of the leading accounting and audit firm in UAE can help you with your auditing and accounting services.Do Contact us.