Excise Return Filing

As a taxable person registered for Excise Tax, you are required to file your Excise Tax Returns on a monthly basis. The due date to file your Excise Tax Returns is the 15th day of each month.

How your Excise Tax Returns are calculated

The calculation of the Excise Tax payable is based on completing the below forms (as applicable):
Excise declarations forms (requiring customs clearance) for Importing excise taxable goods and Releasing excise taxable goods from Designated Zones.
Note: These forms are to be submitted each time you import or release excise taxable goods from a Designated Zone (requiring customs clearance). The values from these forms are automatically populated into the Returns form when you submit your monthly return.
Tax Liability on the production of excise taxable goods
Releasing excise taxable goods from Designated Zones without Customs clearance
Note: These forms are completed once a monthly
A separate form for declaring stockpiled goods is not required, you can manually input the tax due from stockpiling excise goods. This is completed once a month.

Excise liability forms for:

Excise Tax due on stockpiling of excise goods
Deductible Excise Tax

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